After Players Kneel During Anthem, Police Union has Urged Officers To Protest Miami Dolphins

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On Thursday, two Miami Dolphins players knelt during the national anthem ahead of their  preseason opener.  Now a local police union has urged its members to protest the Miami Dolphins team in response to this peaceful demonstration.

NFL’s new policy requires players to stand during the national anthem. However, the Miami Dolphins’ Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson did not follow the rules and took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. The did this to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

Broward County Police Benevolent Association posted a message on Facebook on Friday that the group had earlier provided their members a discount on the tickets to an upcoming Dolphins game at which first responders will be honored. But after the players’ peaceful protest, they are withdrawing themselves from the discounted ticket program.  They also said that they are urging the members as well as other local police union members to not to participate in the program and boycott the game.

The post said that if the tickets to this game have already been purchased, call the Dolphins ticket office and request a refund as this organization certainly does not honor First Responders and the dangers they put themselves in.

Rod Skirvin, the vice president of the organization said in a comment to the Miami Herald that kneeling during the anthem is like a slap on the face of law enforcement and military officials .

It should be noted that the NFL’s new policy and enforcement rules had to be put on hold last month since the players’ association had filed an official grievance with the league.

He also said that as long as the protest would continue, they will not be attending the Dolphins games and would continue to stay away from the National Football League and its products.

A lot of players had demonstrated during their preseason openers last week in different ways. Four players from the Jacksonville Jaguars players did not come up for the national anthem. According to Florida-Times Union’s Philip Heilman, they did not join their teammates for the anthem and arrived on the field a few moments after it.

In another incident Malcolm Jenkins and De’Vante Bausby from the Philadelphia Eagles raised their fists during the anthem before their game on Thursday. One of their teammate Michael Bennett walked towards the bench and did not participate in the anthem.

Though the protests have been peaceful, they are really sad as the national anthems are supposed to be respected and should not be used as a medium to protest.

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