Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Refuses to Talk About Wearing a Hat During the National Anthem

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Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys won’t comment on the footage showing him wearing his hat when the national anthem was played. It is interesting that Jones was the spark plug and igniter of racial flames in the NFL as well as the spouter of the phrase “toe on the line” to explain how all his players would not be protesting during the national anthem.

Yahoo Sports had reported that Jones was spotted wearing a Cowboys hat when the national anthem was being played at a team practice last month. Anyone would know that wearing a hat during a national anthem is disrespectful. Despite this, Jones was wearing a hat. This has not gone down well with people and then want Jones to answer why was he wearing the hat during the national anthem.

When asked by writer Calvin Jones of the Athletic, about the hat gate, Jerry Jones had refused to comment.

Jones, who’s big on respecting the anthem and has himself emphasized the importance of respecting the national anthem did not had anything to say about his own  level of disrespect for the anthem.

It should be noted that it was Jones who  first came out and said that all of his players would be standing for the anthem, irrespective of what the NFLPA decided. It was a matter of respect for the country, for Jones. There was no way he was going to allow his players to disrespect the anthem. Even if the players who had kneeled during the anthem were actually protesting police brutality and racial injustice.

Jones had told Yahoo Sports that there policy is that players would stand for the national anthem, toe on the line.

It seems like Jones is trying to run his team like the president of the country is.  Everyone needs to listen to what he says but  should not be  critical of what he does. It was expected from Jones that if he demands all of his players to respect the national anthem, then he himself should not be doing anything that disrespects it in any manner. If he asks his team to respect the national anthem and not to do anything that disrespects it, he should also not have wore a hat when the anthem was being played.

Even if he did not realize it and accidentally wore the hat, he should have been ready for an apology or at least a comment on the incident.

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