6-year-old Girl secretly bought $400 worth of toys on Amazon

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Six year old Katelyn Lunt, got busted on Saturday when Amazon delivered almost $400 worth of toys at her Pleasant View, Utah, home. This kid certainly wasn’t kidding around.

She was not very excited about it when the shipment arrived. Rather her face showed a bit of guilt. She had ordered the toys secretly without her parents knowing about it.

Catherine Lunt,  Katelyn’s mom said  that she had ordered Katelyn a Barbie on Amazon. This was a reward for doing extra chores around the house. Catherine said that after she placed the order on Amazon, Katelyn asked if she could check the site to see when the doll would arrive. Seems that little Katelyn went crazy after her mom left.

The next day Catherine went online again  to check the order. To her surprise she saw two or three pages of order which were already shipped and she couldn’t cancel them. She then realized that her little daughter Katelyn must have ordered them.

Catherine said that most of these orders were dolls and their accessories. She was very surprised at her daughter’s act. Katelyn said that this was her “doll collection”.

The very next morning the entire family went for a walk.  When they came back, the stacks of packages showed up. Catherine said that it was hilarious to see so many packets. So they wanted to take pictures of Katelyn’s expressions.

The little kids’ extended family was in town, so they dropped by to witness the moment. One of the members sent her photos to her cousin Ria Diyaolu, who then shared the pictures with the world on Twitter.

Ria said that Katelyn is a little scammer in the making and she is not at all surprised that she knows how to order stuff with one click on Amazon.

Catherine was about to send the packets back to Amazon but her heart changed later.

She made a decision to donate the toys to Primary Children’s Hospital. Katelyn  had spent a week in this hospital when she was first born. Katelyn helped her deliver the packages to the hospital. This was more of a teaching moment for the little girl than a punishment.

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