The Boring Company to build a rapid transit system to Dodger Stadium

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Baseball fans and concert goers residing in Los Angeles might be among the first to ride The Boring Company’s high-speed pods. The company owned by Elon Musk has announced that it is planning to dig a tunnel for a high-speed electric transportation network that leads to Dodger Stadium. This would be called the Dugout Loop. The company is still in the process of deciding where to build the departure point for the system. It is considering three neighborhoods in particular: East Hollywood, Los Feliz and Rampart Village.

The company plans to sell tickets for just $1 with fixed departure times for the four-minute ride. Passengers can reach the departure point by driving, walking or with a bike and then ride one of the system’s 8- to 16-passenger pods to the stadium when it’s their turn. The electric pods which would run at a speed of 125 to 150 miles per hour will then either go back for more people or wait at the arrival point,  to take the  passengers back.

The Dugout Loop is much smaller in scale when compared to the Boring Company’s plans for Los Angeles and Chicago O’Hare. It is just a one tunnel system with close to 100 pods which would be able to ferry 1,400 people/event. This comes to about 2.5 percent of the stadium’s capacity. Well, the company might need another year to get all the permits to start the digging process. However, what can go in their way is that the system will be built under public right-of-way and land owned or leased by the company. This could speed things up for them.

The project has found a powerful ally in Mayor Eric Garcetti, which is a very good news. He seems very welcoming when it comes to any alternative modes of transportation that could help ease Los Angele’s severe traffic issue. One more advantage is that the Boring Company will bear all the cost of building the system. The company would be aiming to first get all the permits essential to begin the digging work. Musk and his team will take around 14 months of time to complete the Dugout Loop project.

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