Judge feeling frustration as injury is taking more time to heal than expected

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Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge said on Thursday that he hates being away from the field and out of the lineup. His injured wrist is healing much slower than doctors originally thought. He said that the injury and the progress of it’s healing is not making him frustrated, but being out of the game is. He has been out of action for exactly three weeks now. His right wrist got fractured when a 94 mph fastball hit him on July 26.

The Yankees announced an approximate three-week recovery period for Judge when he got injured. The general manager of Yankees, Brian Cashman said that they might have been too optimistic with the timeline.

Cashman said that that they thought earlier that three weeks would be enough for the injury to heal. But it seems that it would take some more time. Judge received a cortisone shot Monday. Judge said that he knew that he would need the cortisone sometime. They were just waiting to see how the healing of his injury goes by and they did not want to rush things.

In the past couple of weeks Judge has slowly eased into baseball activities. Prior to  the game at the Yankee Stadium against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday, he was seen running bases, reading fly balls and ground balls in right field. He was using his right hand to throw the balls which he fielded back towards a bucket that was kept near him in the outfield. He took a few swings under water without a bat after that.

He is yet to swing on dry land with a bat in his hands.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said  that Wednesday was a big step forward for Judge in some of the things he was able to do. He added that hopefully the bat in hand would soon follow and then they can progress pretty quickly from there.

Judge, said the cortisone shot he got had been really helping his wrist. Judge hopes that the cortisone would help heal his wrist faster and he can get back on the field and start playing again as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, he is not worried about the injury but only the fact that he has been away from the field from a while is making him frustrated.  He is trying to remain patient till the time he is back on the field.

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