Elon Musk is certainly not a conventional CEO — stop expecting him to be like one

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Elon Musk recently tweeted about Tesla going private.  There has not been any shortage of opinions on the tweet.  Now, it is up to the federal regulators to figure out whether he overstepped his limits.

It seems that social media has become the new platform to disclose business and financial developments. Boundaries are yet to be decided for these platforms. Having said that, Musk, who is America’s preeminent creator would be the perfect man to set that mold.

Musk had co-created X.com, which went on to become the famous PayPal. He was one of the men behind Solar City, which provides cheaper solar panels for everybody. He created SpaceX.com. So, he is also a real-life rocket scientist who keeps sending rockets into space and then brings the reusable booster rockets back to Earth. A week back, the Boring Co. made an announcement that it will be building a 3.6-mile high-speed tunnel with zero emissions called the Dugout Loop in Los Angeles to get fans to Dodger Stadium quickly .

Last but certainly not the least, there is Tesla. Musk built an electric car from scratch much faster than Detroit turns out new conventional models.

Elon musk is a genius. He is perhaps the most disruptive concept designer and engineer on the planet.  Taking into account the breadth and complexity of the products he has successfully built, he is at par with some big names like  Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. For close to two decades, Mr. Musk has been one of the most brash and ambitious entrepreneurs of the Silicon Valley.  He has helped found several influential technology companies. He carries himself with bravado, dismissing critics and relishing the spotlight that comes to him with his fortune and success. He has worked very hard for his success. And only he knows what toll it must have taken on his health and personal life. He recently said that his friends have become concerned about his physical health.

Musk is certainly not a conventional CEO. He might not do the things as expected, but would certainly give results which are more and better than the expectations. His past records are a fine example of this.

Let’s not forget that Musk has a very long-proven record of making awesome products. His entrepreneurial spirit is much better suited to the private market.

Let’s not be too judgmental and get stuck on the 140 characters. Let’s not start criticizing and over analyzing his every statement.

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