Coconut oil could be pure poison: declares Harvard professor

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For ages coconut oil has been considered as a blessing given its amazing properties for great health. However, a recent 50 minutes long YouTube video by a Harvard researcher and professor Karin Michels is all set to burst the bubble we held dear to for so long. The super food loved and adored by us for centuries might actually be a health hazard.

The YouTube video titled “Coconut Oil and Other Nutritional Errors” has successfully garnered the attention of more than 400,000 viewers. In the video lecture, the professor clearly justifies the fact that this super food oil doesn’t come with any health benefits and neither has any scientific study ever proven the same. This declaration is completely in synchronization with the updated guidelines by AHA or American Heart Association. AHA revised the guidelines for recommended oil last year and suggested that the users refrain from consumption of saturated fatty acids contained in high amount in coconut oil.

However, the AHA did no further than warn about the consumption with nothing that pointed out that it was among the worst food. Michels went a step ahead and declared coconut oil being pure poison. She added that it ranks high among the list of worst foods that someone can consume and the worst part is people slather it on the food as well as the body in hopes of curing different illness with healthy lifestyle.

To add to the accusations, the professor stated that coconut oil could be worse than lard given the fact that it comes with an overwhelming ratio of the saturated fat. She also stated that while the similar super foods such as Matcha, Acai, or Chia seeds might not actually be as dangerous but they surely are exaggerated when it comes to their beneficial aspect.

Coconut oil has been removed from AHA’s list of healthy oil options which include the naturally occurring vegetable oils that are unhydrogenated such as Safflower, Canola, Olive oil, or Sunflower oil. Coconut oil contains high amount of saturated form of fatty acids that tend to clog your coronary arteries which is why coconut just might not be the super food you thought it was.

While there is still a debate in the scientific community with regards to the effectiveness of coconut oil, users can still consume it in moderation but do not expect any miracle from the same.

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