No Plan For Military Base In Afghanistan: China

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China has made its stand clear for Afghanistan saying the support offered is only for defence and counterterrorism efforts and not to build up a military base in the war-torn country, as lately been alleged.

A day before foreign ministry too dismissed media report of funding a camp construction in Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan to link China and send Chinese forces.

Report of allegations was published in the Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post, which later updated the story quoting Afghanistan’s embassy in Beijing, who said there would be no Chinese army in Afghanistan but help is being received in setting up a “mountain brigade” that can boost counterterrorism efforts.

When asked about the same “mountain brigade” the Chinese defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said both the nations had “normal military and security cooperation”.

“China and the international community are all supporting Afghanistan to strengthen its defence and counterterrorism building efforts,” he said to the reporters at a regular monthly news briefing.

Without elaborating much Wu added that both the countries are communicating and coordinating in relevant matters, and China will keep helping Afghanistan to protect regional security without stationing forces.

Prior to the report of South China Morning Post it was pointed that China is seeking to station its forces in Afghanistan.

However, all such allegations have been regularly denied by China. In January a report alleging Chinese military base has been build in Afghanistan was dismissed by the defence ministry saying no military vehicles were patrolling on the Afghan soil.

The primary reason for China’s support is worry of militancy in Afghanistan that could easily blend into its Xinjiang province, western region in unrest China, where mostly Muslim Uighur people lives. In past few years hundreds of people have been killed there and Islamist militants have been blamed for the conflict.

Taliban terror group has raged in Afghanistan since 2001 when the outfit was ousted by US-backed forces. Earlier China tried to broker peace talks to bring to end such insurgency with the cooperation of Pakistan and United States.

The first overseas military base of China was built in African country Djibouti. United States believe more could come up in other countries to station forces.

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