Developers Cry Foul As Apple Orders War Riders Out Of App Store

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Apple orders War Riders out of app store and stop promotion from Coinbase Wallet. In response, the game is longer available on Coinbase Wallet iOS app, CoinDesk reports.

War Riders is a game that involves crypto collectibles. Crypto collectibles are non-fungible and non-expendable assets which resemble real-life objects like artefacts, pets et cetera. In the context of War Riders, the crypto collectibles are cars. The game setting of the game is “a post-apocalyptic wasteland” where players drive around while building up “armies of vehicles.” The game operates on blockchain technology and the vehicles are non-fungible digital goods.

App store review guidelines

The game is in contention with Apple possibly because some of its aspects infringe on app store review guidelines. Specifically, CoinDesk reveals that players are able to acquire digital goods in form of non-fungible tokens within the game’s ecosystem.

The Coinbase Wallet app began supporting the hosting of non-fungible tokens of the game just three days ago.  Less than 24 hours later, War Riders was missing in the “highlighted dApps” section of the platform.

Apple’s problem with digital goods

Cartified, the company behind War Rider received a notice in that effect from a Coinbase staffer through Discord. The message goes:

“Quick heads up – we will be removing from the iOS version as we’re not able to highlight dapps that facilitate the purchase of digital goods.”

Vlad Kartashov, CEO of Cartified disappointedly said, “I’m not sure what’s exactly bad with people wanting to play games.” The CEO insists that he has not received a specific reason for the clarity Apple’s actions.

It seems Apple has a bone to pick with dApps that sell “non-expendable tokens.” Until the order for War Rider’s removal came, the dApp was the only one highlighted by Coinbase on its platform. The game has a “thriving community,” according to Kartashov and has picked up well with players. Therefore, the CEO believes there must another reason Apple wants them out.

The Trust Wallet app experienced a similar problem on app store for supporting digital goods dApps. In a tweet, Viktor Radchenko, the CEO of Trust Wallet accused Apple of not being happy with digital goods.

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