Passport Not Renewed For Americans In Mexico Border Region. Is It Ethnic Cleansing?

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Suddenly the citizenships of hundreds and thousands of people born in United States are in question. They are denied renewal of their U.S. passports as the State Department believes they are not American.

The Trump administration is accusing many of Hispanics along the border region of U.S.-Mexico to have used fraudulent birth certificates to become an American citizen.

Releasing a statement the State Department wrote there has been no change in policy or practice in the adjudication of passport applications, but significant incidence of citizen fraud has been found in the bordering areas of U.S. and Mexico.

According to individuals who have been affected by the new move of Trump administration a U.S. passport is not guaranteed if a person is Mexican, lives in Texas and have a Hispanic surname. Such birth certificate holders have a risk of being deported.

The Trump administration allege that during the period of 1950s to 1990s doctors and midwives in the border region issued American birth certificates to babies who were born in Mexico.

It is argued some of the birth attendants have admitted similar statements in court. Several midwives said a single birth certificate was falsified in delivering thousands of babies.

During the era the use of midwives was a tradition in the region due to high cost of hospital care.

In America legal and illegal immigration is discouraged and politicized. The problem was addressed in George Bush and Barack Obama administrations too, but a policy to pursue had fallen then.

Meanwhile, legal experts said it is not easily possible to find out whether the documents are legitimate as those were issued decades ago by the state of Texas.

Usually ethnic cleansing starts by revoking or preventing issuance of passports to certain groups. Without a passport the affected ones are left blank about where to go as their own country has said they are not wanted.

State Department added further in the statement, “(applicants) who have birth certificates by a midwife… are asked to provide additional documentation… they were born in the United States.”

This means if an individual from U.S.-Mexico border region are unable to demonstrate about being born in the country, he or she would be denied issuance of a passport.

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