How to Keep Phones Alive During Hurricane Florence Crisis

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People in the Hurricane Florence threatened areas are embracing themselves for possible damages as the wind is speeding up along with heavy rains. Amid such situation technology plays vital role in keeping trace of loved ones. Below are some tips how to protect necessary devices.

Hardware and data protection

It is true most of the cellphones and computers are not hurricane-proof. To keep those dry while evacuating, put the devices in high-quality sealable plastic bags and separately of course so that if one leaks all are not affected.

To keep those safe from flooding it is suggested to keep in an ice chest and obviously move all the valuables to the highest floor of the house.

Even if all such methods fail and devices are damaged, save the data to a cloud service ahead of the losses. Those who have not yet activated the iCloud, make it done before risking lose of Wi-Fi access.


Several apps are made available to use during such Hurricane Florence. Download those ahead of the crisis and to avoid much consumption of battery.

One of the most used apps is Nextdoor, which links up users in nearby with the help of geolocation feature.

It is also suggested to download the Federal Emergency Management Agency app that offers information on how to locate shelters, emergency notifications and last-minute disaster preparedness.

Additionally National Weather Service app and the American Red Cross app are suggested to download. Zello app works like a walkie-talkie and it is helpful during crisis. Firechat messaging app works without internet access of cellphone signal.

For getting medical emergency workers the best is to have the ICE Contact app on the mobile devices.

Keeping device working

If the power is out the phone will soon become dead. Apps will be of no use thereafter. Here are some tips how to keep the devices remain alive. The first thing to do is to close those apps which are not actively in use. Put the phone in power-saving mode and lower the brightness. If the phone is not being used, put it in Airplane mode. Resist the urge to use social media frequently.

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