Donald Trump’s address to UN General Assembly soft on North Korea, Hard on Iran

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President Donald Trump delivered his second address to United Nations General Assembly since taking office and said United States will not be taken advantage any longer. He added countries cannot rip them off on trade and defense spending.

Trump added he honors other nations to pursue their traditions, beliefs and customs, and in return they are asked to honor the sovereignty of U.S. too.

He talked about Venezuela and said socialism is to be blamed for the country’s current situation and horrible things happening there. He said fresh sanctions are to be soon imposed on close advisers and inner circle of President Nicolas Maduro.

The president lamented on Iran’s corrupt dictatorship saying the leaders are sowing destruction, chaos and death in the country without respecting either their borders or neighbors.

Trump blamed the Iranian leaders are plundering resources of the country to enrich themselves and are spreading mayhem across Middle East. People are outraged knowing the leaders are looting their religious endowments and sending proxies to wage war.

However, just hours before his speech at the U.N.G.A. the president tweeted Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani is a lovely man.

About North Korea the president was soft this time unlike his first address about a year ago when he famously blasted and threatened to totally destroy the country, calling Kim Jong Un as a rocket man. He insisted progress has been made.

Earlier, Kim wrote a beautiful letter to the White House seeking a second meeting with Trump, said the president, signaling he will be doing that.

The president said he is looking for independence and cooperation over multinational organizations. He started his address touting America’s economic growth under his presidency.

He said, “In less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America’s-so true.”

He highlighted jobs numbers for minority groups, border security and the December 2017 tax cuts. He said the country is now safer, richer and stronger than what it was before he assumed office.

The president said they are standing up for America, for the Americans and also for the world.

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