Is this the End of Instagram’s Popularity?

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Instagram co-founders have resigned on Monday. Sparking a new debate on whether Facebook is still surpassing Instagram. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger the co-founders of Instagram have relied heavily on the millennial generation. So they may spark a new coming of technology. However, Facebook is still on their heels. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg even uses the Instagram app daily.

With the resignation of the co-founders of Instagram, there is no talk of whether it will be just as followed at  Instagram, the popular photo app has been used by millions of users worldwide. Including influencers. Without Instagram, there would be no special place to place photos. Most of our daily lives. Though Facebook comes in a close second.  

So is this the end of Instagram’s popularity? if you look at the statistics you will understand why Instagram is still popular. Though the variety of uses Are endless. There are even Instagram stories of our literary favorites and video. With the leaving of Mr. Systrom, Instagram’s chief executive, and Mr. Krieger, the chief technical officer, its format may change.

They notified Instagram’s Of theirs leaving and they spoke on behalf of their situation at Instagram but had the condition of the anonymity. They were not authorized to discuss it publicly. Due to this, they would only say they would resign in a few weeks. Their overall attitude about the whole proposal is that they would seek a new chapter in their lives and think of finding something new.

With their ages being in their early 30s, there’s no doubt that there will find an opportunity. Like Mark Zuckerberg, they planted their sites on becoming a new face of communication and trying to exhibit the correct way to use the apps in this modern world.  

Facebook is just like one of those permanent fascinating sites where people can mingle without being face to face just like Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook is the site that started it all. Instagram comes at a close second.

Overall the resignation will hit technology geeks hard and it will make it even harder for people to try to feel comfortable using the photo app again. Though it never stopped people before. The resignation isn’t seen as controversial at all, but it sure is a big shock to those that use

Facebook has many users all over the world just as Instagram does and they also proposed something new. Even despite the hacking issue that occurred a few months ago.

So what’s to come of Instagram?  leave it to those that follow it religiously, they will know. In a couple of months, the co-founders of Instagram resignation won’t be as controversial as it is today. Like they say, It’s not looking backward but looking forward. The Instagram app will always be around just like Facebook.

 The notion that it will disappear is outrageous. Instagram is just as popular today as it was in the early 2000s. Facebook is just as popular. The resignation does not mean an end to Instagram. It’s just the beginning of a new idea

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