Author: Minnie Guthrie

FCC Will Suspend Most Operations This Week If Shutdown Continues

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said on Monday that it should suspend the vast majority of its operations by mid-Thursday if the incomplete government shutdown proceeds. The FCC will proceed “work required for the insurance of life and property,” and in addition, work related to spectrum auction, since those are subsidized by the money raised

Divorce Rates are Falling for Gen X and Millennial Newlyweds

Marriage is considered a sacred event in a person’s life. Many have considered divorce. Others considered on staying together. Studies have shown that Generation Xers and Millennials have some of the greatest relationships. Generation Xers and Millennials are facing a new facet of their lives. With marriages changing people’s minds.  Generation xers and Millennials know this. They have saved

Paul Walker’s brothers open to ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise return, 5 years after his death

Paul Walker’s brothers have agreed to play his character again in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, almost five years after his death. The producers of the franchise have asked Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody Walker to play the character of Paul and help complete “Furious 7”. Paul Walker had died in a  car crash in

Sex assault cases against actors Anderson, Seagal being reviewed by Los Angeles prosecutors

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office came out with a statement on Thursday that they are reviewing the new sexual assault cases which involves three top celebrities. They include actor Anthony Anderson, the star of the television comedy series “Black-ish”, producer Harvey Weinstein and action movie star Steven Seagal. Now that the case also involves