Author: varsha J

Economists, Businesses Believe Trump’s Tariff Policy Would Penalize Americans Heavy

United States economy is getting a wall of tariffs and President Donald Trump said it will save American factories and jobs will be protected by limiting imports. However, business houses have different views and one such tire company, Richburg, S.C., opened last year, reminds globalization is hard to stop. Let’s check this. American tire makers

Trump to Pay Mexico $20m to Stop Illegal Immigration

The Trump administration is not considering Mexico need to pay for a vast border wall, but the latest development is to pay the country in stopping illegal immigration to the United States through its border. Washington intends to make a payout of $20 million in foreign assistance funds to help the neighboring country pay for

Trump Official John Bolton Threatens International Court with Sanctions

Trump administration vows to protect its citizens and allies from unjust prosecution of International Criminal Court citing sanctions could be imposed if investigation is pursued on American troops in Afghanistan. The president’s national security adviser John R. Bolton said Monday United States would ban the judges and prosecutors of I.C.C. from entering U.S. if the

Trump Warns Apple to Stop Production in China

President Donald Trump has further accelerated trade war with China by calling iPhone maker Apple to move its production from the country to United States and keep itself safe from suffering the consequences. The latest Trump policy is to narrow US trade deficit and to accommodate it the president has called companies to make their

Archaeologists uncover swallowed structures of ancient Maya era using 3-D laser map

Finally the hidden ancient Mayan structures have been uncovered using laser mapping technology called lidar by archaeologists in the tropical lowlands of what is today Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and western Honduras. The pyramids, farms, canals, fortresses, highways, agricultural terraces, temples and rich history inscribed and painted on stone, wood and ceramics have all been revealed