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FCC Will Suspend Most Operations This Week If Shutdown Continues

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said on Monday that it should suspend the vast majority of its operations by mid-Thursday if the incomplete government shutdown proceeds. The FCC will proceed “work required for the insurance of life and property,” and in addition, work related to spectrum auction, since those are subsidized by the money raised

Economists, Businesses Believe Trump’s Tariff Policy Would Penalize Americans Heavy

United States economy is getting a wall of tariffs and President Donald Trump said it will save American factories and jobs will be protected by limiting imports. However, business houses have different views and one such tire company, Richburg, S.C., opened last year, reminds globalization is hard to stop. Let’s check this. American tire makers

Trump Warns Apple to Stop Production in China

President Donald Trump has further accelerated trade war with China by calling iPhone maker Apple to move its production from the country to United States and keep itself safe from suffering the consequences. The latest Trump policy is to narrow US trade deficit and to accommodate it the president has called companies to make their

Chinese Tycoon Richard Liu Arrested In Minnesota, Alleged Criminal Sexual Conduct’s founder Richard Liu was arrested in Minnesota on Friday on a criminal sexual conduct charge during his business trip to United States. He was however released the next day without bail to resume his business activities as originally planned following the police failed in finding substance to the claim. The Chinese billionaire with native

Yahoo Finance Catches The Cryptocurrency Fever

There is a new vigour in the appeal of cryptocurrencies. Yahoo Finance supports Cryptocurrency trades in three cryptocurrencies. This is great news to the cryptocurrency fraternity given the respect Yahoo Finance commands in finance circles. The available cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ether (ETH). Initially, one could find information about the digital coins

550 McDonald’s California outlets to be modernized with ordering kiosks and table service

One of the worlds most popular fast food company McDonald’s and its franchisees would be a spending a massive $390 million in an effort to upgrade around 550 McDonald’s restaurants in California. They are modernizing the dining rooms, providing self-order kiosks inside its restaurants and installing new digital menu boards among a few improvements. The