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Facebook Patent Battle With BlackBerry Notches Up ji

Facebook has filed a case in a San Francisco law court accusing BlackBerry of patent infringement. Bloomberg broke the story which takes the Facebook patent battle with BlackBerry to a whole new level. Early this year, BlackBerry took Facebook to court claiming patent infringement. BlackBerry wanted reparations for Facebook incorporating its protected technology in WhatsApp

Google, Epic Games spar over Fortnite security flaw

The increasingly popular shooter game, Fortnite, is sparking security fears after Google announced the discovery of a vulnerability in the Fortnite Installer for Android, which could con the installer into installing an app other than Fortnite, without users’ knowledge. And Google’s announcement has drawn the ire of Fortnite creator Epic Games. In an effort to

Google says that it tracks users even with location setting disabled

Google has made changes to descriptions on its website and has clarified that it tracks users’ whereabouts even after the location settings have been turned off. Earlier this week, the Associated Press investigations had found that Google’s services such as Google Maps and the Google search engine records Android and iPhone users’ locations without their