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Whereabouts of 1,488 Migrant Children not Known; Lawmakers Raises Concern

The Trump administration has lost track of 1,488 migrant children and lawmakers describe it as troubling. The children entered United States illegally earlier this year and congressional findings reveal they were placed with sponsors after leaving shelters. Similarly, another 1,475 migrant children went unaccounted earlier after they were moved out of the Federal shelters in

Divorce Rates are Falling for Gen X and Millennial Newlyweds

Marriage is considered a sacred event in a person’s life. Many have considered divorce. Others considered on staying together. Studies have shown that Generation Xers and Millennials have some of the greatest relationships. Generation Xers and Millennials are facing a new facet of their lives. With marriages changing people’s minds.  Generation xers and Millennials know this. They have saved

Trump to Pay Mexico $20m to Stop Illegal Immigration

The Trump administration is not considering Mexico need to pay for a vast border wall, but the latest development is to pay the country in stopping illegal immigration to the United States through its border. Washington intends to make a payout of $20 million in foreign assistance funds to help the neighboring country pay for

Trump Official John Bolton Threatens International Court with Sanctions

Trump administration vows to protect its citizens and allies from unjust prosecution of International Criminal Court citing sanctions could be imposed if investigation is pursued on American troops in Afghanistan. The president’s national security adviser John R. Bolton said Monday United States would ban the judges and prosecutors of I.C.C. from entering U.S. if the

Passport Not Renewed For Americans In Mexico Border Region. Is It Ethnic Cleansing?

Suddenly the citizenships of hundreds and thousands of people born in United States are in question. They are denied renewal of their U.S. passports as the State Department believes they are not American. The Trump administration is accusing many of Hispanics along the border region of U.S.-Mexico to have used fraudulent birth certificates to become

No Plan For Military Base In Afghanistan: China

China has made its stand clear for Afghanistan saying the support offered is only for defence and counterterrorism efforts and not to build up a military base in the war-torn country, as lately been alleged. A day before foreign ministry too dismissed media report of funding a camp construction in Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan to